Ceramicas Aparici represents the highest quality of manufacture and innovative design. From its establishment in Alcora, Spain, in 1961, it has set the highest standards for the design, products and finishes and has led to a long tradition in the ceramic business within this family-run company. During the 60s, the company started with a workforce of just eight people and was focused in the elaboration of bizcocho in an antique traditional kiln. Five years ago, Ceramicas Aparici celebrated 50 years since its establishment and, for three generations now, it has been manufacturing premium ceramic and porcelain within its state-of-the-art facilities in Spain. With a total production capacity of over 14 million square meters per year, Ceramicas Aparici commercializes its products in more than 140 countries worldwide and is a driving force for the developments and trends of its industry. With a broad range of modern and classic designs – Ceramicas Aparici strives to surprise with its annual product launches at the top international shows.

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